E-Z-Safe allows important digital assets - often located “all over the place” - to be securely and centrally stored in an online virtual safe, and to be easily retrieved and transferred to designated people in the event of incapacitation, death, or the termination of a business relationship.

Financial, email and social network accounts, passwords, photographs, videos, important records, legal documents and those of sentimental value can all be priceless. Keeping them safe and ensuring they are handed over to the right people in a timely manner is critical.

E-Z-Safe users can have one or several safes for different purposes (family, will executor, etc.) and can decide who can see what at the due date. Like a regular safe, it has several built-in security mechanisms, as well as user-selected options for opening the safe and transferring the content to designated people.

E-Z-Safe is also a valuable solution in business and professional settings, enabling the orderly and timely handover of digital assets following the departure of key employees.

E-Z-Safe has an autonomous tracking and notification system, also customized by the user. At the due date, the system can automatically and securely pass on last wishes, special requests and posthumous letters to family and friends.  


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Online Virtual Safe

Secure online safe for digital assets and online accounts

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