In addition to dealing with tangible assets, professionals such as estate planning attorneys, insurance agents and funeral homes managers, are facing the challenge of ensuring that a contingency plan for diffusion of digital property is in place for their clients in the event of incapacitation or death.

With E-Z-Safe, our business partners can offer their clients a crucial value-added service:  a highly secure mechanism to quickly grant access and transfer digital assets - including financial accounts such as eBay and PayPal - to trusted people. Moreover, E-Z-Safe users can have one or several safes for different purposes (family, business, etc.) and can decide who can see what at the due date.

E-Z-Safe partners’ benefit from additional revenues through commissions and a ready-to-use solution branded with their logo and featuring a built-in comprehensive customer management and billing system. Our partners also have access to a wide range of services including digital asset planning, online memorial and online shop - all at no cost and no risk.



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