The digital assets contingency plan is automatically set into motion via a secure, controlled mechanism defined by the user:  

  • Due date is registered by submission of an official document or online notification, or detected automatically via a system check. As a safeguard, a pre-designated authorized contact will provide further confirmation.  
  • Digital safe is locked down: no more data can be added or removed.
  • Notifications are distributed to the contact list. Any additional (optional) messages are sent by SMS or Twitter. For more information please refer to Leaving Your Way.
  • Safe release mechanism is activated. Eventually, contacts which were designated to view safe content will gain access to the safe in read only mode.
  • Safe released mechanism has several options. In the basic mechanism the safe will be released automatically on due date. For increased security, E-Z-Safe offers an additional safeguard where one or more safe gatekeepers are present (virtually) when the contents are released. Gatekeepers are contacts pre-assigned for this role, one or more of which must participate in the safe content release, separately or simultaneously, as pre-defined by the user.

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