Like a regular safe, E-Z-Safe is highly secure for storing all of your valuable data - whether it be an important contract, photos, or information on online accounts such as eMails, Facebook, Twitter, eBay or PayPal. You can access data stored in E-Z-Safe at the click of a mouse, wherever you happen to be, in real time.

On top of that, E-Z-Safe offers multiple safes for different purposes, such as a business safe, one for the executor of your will and another for family members. You can also have a safe for private matters - which can even allow you, should you so choose, to take your secrets to the grave!

E-Z-Safe provides the highest safety and security standards. You are the only one to hold the safe’s keys. Until due date no one has access to the safe content. On due date safe content is securely transferred to designated contacts (as described in How it works?). The button line is that your data is fully protected and you have full control.

 Please refer to Security for more information.

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Secure online safe for digital assets and online accounts

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