E-Z-Safe enables your digital assets to be handed over in a timely, controlled and secure manner, according to the following simple process:

Step 1: Set up your 

Define your profile and list of contacts
Compose parting messages.
Define the due date which is the day on which incapacitation, death, or termination of a business relationship occurs. You can define how E-Z-Safe will detect and verify the due date. On the due date the following will happen:

  • Parting messages will be distributed to all your contacts.
  • The safe will be locked to further changes.
  • Safe content will be transferred to designated contacts in a read only mode. 


Step 2: Create your safe(s)

  • Add content to the safe. This can include document files, photos, music, videos, personal notes, bank account and other information about online accounts, passwords, user names and more.
  • Define who will be the safe content recipients. These are trusted people who will have access to your data, in read-only mode. 
  • Select a safe release mechanism. This can be automatic upon due date, or include an added safeguard, where designated gatekeepers must approve the safe release.
  • Create as many safes as you like. You may choose one for personal matters, another for business, etc.

Step 3: Maintain your safes. You can update the safes' contents or change your preferences at any time, wherever you are.

Step 4: Due date - E-Z-Safe will detect and verify the due date event per user preferences. The system will activate the safe release mechanism. Only people you trust will be able to access and view your safe’s content. Your contacts will receive the parting letter and any other messages you have prepared.

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