It is well known that Internet identities are unreliable.  Anyone can conjure up a false identity or even worse -  steal a real identity of someone else. 

How about killing a real person in the cyberspace? Well, not that hard, really. Here is how I got into this crazy idea: my dear ex-boss T., passed away on Aug. 1st, 2009. Until recently, his LinkedIn profile was still active - “alive and kicking”. I thought that it was so embarrassing :  people  offering him jobs or inviting him to connect, unaware of his demise. I decided to take action and close the lid on him: used LinkedIn “Verification of Death Form” to ask the network to close his account. I quoted a Yahoo condolence post, and declared that I provided them with an accurate information. LinkedIn team was quick to respond and the following day the account was gone.  Quite easy, isn’t it ?

This real story was motivated by good intention. However,  if someone wants to get quits, even in a petty way of eliminating someone else's identity from a social network, are there enough security measures to protect the “victim”? 

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