E-Z-Safe (www.e-z-safe.com), a leading provider of the online virtual safe service and Personal Memorials (www.pmemorials.com), a free website for commemoration of loved ones who have passed away, have recently announced their cooperation. Now, all those who signed up to E-Z-Safe’s secure digital asset-management service can tell their life story for future publication on Pmemorials.com. The memorial page will be automatically activated by E-Z-Safe’s emergency trigger. The commemoration is aimed at both private people and organization members.

E-Z-Safe is an internet application (SaaS) provider of virtual safes, and offers a unique service of digital asset storage, management, identification of emergency situations and secure transfer of one’s digital assets (passwords, accounts, wills, etc.) to the designated person. Thus, crucial and sensitive information is securely and seamlessly retrieved, and forwarded in a timely manner to a nominated close individual or an appointee within an organization.

Rami Mittelman, E-Z-Safe’s CEO, said: "As more and more people are pre-planning the last years of their lives, E-Z-Safe helps them in passing on their assets and legacy to the next generation. The partnership with PM expands our ‘Leaving Your Way’ offering. Personal Memorials’ platform is an advanced, feature-rich online memorial service, which enhances our ‘digital afterlife’ package. At that critical moment in every person’s life, our system automatically publishes the pre-stored memorial page and informs the designated people about the unfortunate event".

Gil Arbel, Personal Memorials’ GM: "The internet has become a real extension of traditional physical memory. And it’s actually more effective – always accessible, limitless – the best way to convey personal legacy or organizational culture to next generations. E-Z-Safe’s partnership is a great opportunity to increase awareness of our unique service."

Personal Memorials is a no-charge, completely free web site with a user-friendly commemoration wizard. In a few easy steps, any designated person can build and maintain a memorial page. It is a bi-lingual – English-Hebrew site; however, the interface supports all the Western scripts.

About E-Z-Safe:
E-Z-Safe is the easiest, most advanced online virtual safe service where one can securely store, control and retrieve digital assets that are currently scattered "all over the place". This includes online account credentials (e.g. for Facebook, Twitter, eBay or PayPal), emails, important documents (wills, contracts), pictures, videos, etc. 
E-Z-Safe’s unique and sophisticated digital assets contingency plan recognizes emergency situations in various ways and enables a safe’s content to be transferred to the designated recipients via a highly secure mechanism. Moreover, the Leaving Your Way service allows users to prepare posthumous messages and distribute them, record special instructions for funeral arrangements and publish online memorials to convey one’s legacy to posterity.
E-Z-Safe is a SaaS (software as a service) cloud solution, operating according to ultimate security and resiliency standards, enabling access by users anytime, anywhere. 

About Personal Memorials:

Pmemorials is free-of-charge commemoration site for private people and organizations. Its user-friendly wizard allows an individual or organization’s appointee to quickly create and manage a memorial mini-site for the departed. Visitors can light a candle, add an eulogy or a story to the site – all subject to the site manager’s supervision and authorization. Pmemorials is a bi-lingual English-Hebrew site, with its system supporting all Western scripts. 

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