How many online safes can I have?
You can have as many safes as you want. You might want to have a different safe for your business and a different one for your personal assets. You might want to pass on different information to your children from your first marriage and those of your second marriage. Whatever your reason, you have the choice.

What types of Safes are there?

There are 3 Safe Types (all the same price) and a FREE service as follows:

  •  Free Service: Automatic notification with your "Departure Letter" to all your contacts. No safe or storage capacity.
  • Basic Safe: As above, plus full online storage and retrieval, plus automatic notification to your selected contacts.
  • Silver Safe: Like the basic, but a VIP contact must approve release of the information first.
  • Gold Safe: Like the Silver Safe, plus parallel keys - meaning that all your selected VIPs (two children, for example) must log in first before releasing information.

How Secure is your site?

Please refer to the Secutiry page.


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