June 1st, 2011


Securely Store, Retrieve, Manage and Automatically Pass On your Digital Assets

E-Z-Safe has launched its new web application addressing the rapidly growing field of Digital Afterlife and Digital Asset Planning. (For more information on Digital Assets watch this YouTube Video). The E-Z-Safe solution addresses all three segments of this market: Digital Asset Planning, Posthumous Emails, and Digital Memorials.

E-Z-Safe is currently the only company to provide a fully Automated Monitoring System or Health/Death Check, plus a fully Automated Safe Content Dispersion Mechanism upon the Due Date. Users have the choice of using the automatic or manual system.


The E-Z-safe product is actually a 3-in-1 package comprised of the following components

The first is a Digital Online Safe(s) where one can store all their information plus all their social connections, as well as their last wishes. Multi-Tag (what is it? It would be to difficult to explain each issue. Either we take them out or leave as teasers), Multi-Template (what is it?), Multiple Safe Types (what is it?) are available.

The second is an Autonomous Health/Death-Check, based on events and/or triggers defined by the user. The system acts according to these triggers, dates and events forever and automatically, including and especially upon and after the user's demise.

The third component is an Automatic and/or Manual Release Mechanism. When the system is triggered (based on the user preference) it will automatically send notifications and securely release the contents of the safes based on the release criteria defined by the user.

Users can chose one safe or many safes for different purposes, such as: one for business purposes and one for personal use, and can customize each safe plus customize the Death-Check and Release Mechanism.

In addition, E-Z-Safe has an Innovative Help System that automatically performs many of the questions (Help) that customers might have, or teach them interactively how to use the system, making it especially useful for users with limited computer knowhow, thereby increasing customer usability and retention.

E-Z-Safe provides a FREE Basic Service plus a Full Feature Service for a small fee on a Monthly, Yearly or heavily discounted For-Life basis. E-Z-Safe has incorporated many security features including SSL and split Databases.

E-Z-safe has built into the platform a comprehensive Customer Management and Billing System that enables Affiliates to automatically market and bill for the E-Z-Safe service. Moreover, the system automatically provides the Affiliate with their own, customized front web page. This allows potential Affiliates, such as: lawyers, insurance agents, funeral homes and more, to register, become an Affiliate and start signing up customers within 5 minutes.

E-Z-safe is the Spinoff of Alon Nativ who is also the owner of a modern funeral home Aley Shalechet (www.aleyshalechet.co.il). “I incorporated in E-Z-Safe all my experience both as someone who deals with death issues on a daily basis, plus my computer background and understanding of the Data Explosion facing all of us”, said Alon. “I also tried to make it very easy for the older population who have less computer knowledge”, he added.

Solly Tamari, CEO of E-Z-Safe, a Cancer survivor, knows firsthand the frailty of life, and the importance of being prepared for the unexpected – and expected.

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