• Digital Assets – A broader approach for our online assets

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  • The Unbearable Lightness of Online Murder !

    It is well known that Internet identities are unreliable.  Anyone can conjure up a false identity or even worse -  steal a real identity of someone else. 

    How about killing a real person in the cyberspace? Well, not that hard, really. Here is how I got into this crazy idea: my dear ex-boss T., passed away on Aug. 1st, 2009. Until recently, his LinkedIn profile was still active - “alive and kicking”. I thought that it was so embarrassing :  people  offering him jobs or inviting him to connect, unaware of his demise. I decided to take action and close the lid on him: used LinkedIn “Verification of Death Form” to ask the network to close his account. I quoted a Yahoo condolence post, and declared that I provided them with an accurate information. LinkedIn team was quick to respond and the following day the account was gone.  Quite easy, isn’t it ?

    This real story was motivated by good intention. However,  if someone wants to get quits, even in a petty way of eliminating someone else's identity from a social network, are there enough security measures to protect the “victim”? 
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  • Psagot ? Digital afterlife are much harder

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  • Making Sure Your Last Wishes Are Honored

     This is a true story about the irreversibility nature of not being able to have your final wishes fulfilled.  This happened to one of my mother’s best friends.  

    This is a true story about the irreversibility nature of not being able to have your final wishes fulfilled.  This happened to one of my mother’s best friends.

    My parents live in an assisted living house – a wonderful place where they are so happy. (It was one of the best decisions they made, both for them and for us, their children). In that same place are also many of their friends.

    One of them, a wonderful woman with no close relatives, had requested to donate her body to science when she passed away, and had arranged this with a University and put it in her will.

    Unfortunately, when she passed away, her lawyer was abroad and no one could locate him, so no one could access her will, and there was no copy or other written instructions. Since she was Jewish, and Jewish people are buried as soon as possible, she was buried instead of her body going to the University.

    Could she have done anything more to ensure that her final wishes would be honored?

    Today she could. Apparently there are new online services where one can store all their digital assets plus leave their final requests. The nice thing about these solutions  is that you can set it up so that it automatically notifies your heirs and loved ones of your last wishes, without relying on human intervention (even if your lawyer is unavailable).

    It turns out that you can set the system up so that you decide who gets notified, whether by email, text message (SMS) or even twitter. It is quite a sophisticated yet easy-to-use system that helps you store, retrieve, manage and pass on all your digital assets.

    You can also specify what you would like done at your funeral, whether playing special music, reciting a specific poem you might write or playing a video recording you might have recorded earlier. You can do anything. You can even leave your own digital legacy.

    I wish I knew all this before my Moms friend passed away…. Next  time.

    Alec Schneider

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