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Managing multiple online accounts is, to say the least, a challenge for most of us. Imagine then, how overwhelming it can be for others to track them down and untangle usernames and passwords if you are no longer in the picture. Digital assets ─ such as email, business and social network accounts, photographs, videos and legal documents ─ are usually stored in multiple locations on PCs as well as mobile devices and the cloud. It is no surprise that people are finding themselves unable to locate, let alone access the digital assets of someone who has left a business, become incapacitated or died. Many of these assets are simply lost, causing much distress to those left behind. E-Z-Safe is a convenient tool that securely stores your digital assets during your lifetime. It also provides a mechanism to transfer them in a timely manner to anyone you trust. In the event of your departure it will save others further hardship ─ while giving you peace of mind, knowing that your assets will end up in the right hands. With E-Z-Safe, you can prepare and record your last wishes and any special requests and prepare a departure letter to friends, family and colleagues, helping you to pass on your legacy the way you want ─ and to leave “your way”.

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